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How to Meet the Demand for CEU Courses

One of the best ways to reach the busy interior design and architect community is to offer them something of value. And what can be more valuable than free education?

As a manufacturer, you can make your sales calls and designer night events 100% more effective by creating and offering Continuing Education credit courses tailored to designers and architects.

Quality continuing education is mandatory for designers and architects to maintain their professional licensure.

If you’re serious about reaching the A & D community, you’ll need effective, IDCEC-approved CEU presentations so your sales team to take advantage of face-to-face opportunities to interact with interior designers and architects.

But there’s a lot to the process. The presentation needs to be researched, written and formatted to IDCEC standards. You’ll need to register instructors, handle the event registration process, and record event attendance for proper CEU credit.

Luckily, I’m here to help with a turn-key package for taking the long CEU preparation process off your hands.

With my package, you'll get all the pieces you need for a successful CEU that gives your sales team an advantage - an assured way to get your brand in front of designers and architects at events and their foot in the door of busy design firms.

Here's what you'll get in my CEU package:

  • A fully written, IDCEC* and AIA*-ready presentation focusing on the interior design subject matter of your choice, covering 4 or more Learning Objectives, and a content bibliography

  • A Presenters Script, word-by-word for easy presenting

  • A Course Overview Sheet so your sales team can pitch the CEU to prospective audiences

  • PLUS training documents covering the rest of the process: how to submit your course, how to record attendance and award credit, and more of those little details you'll need to know.


Contact me today for more information and to get started on developing your company's CEU presentation.

CEU Course Overview Sheet
An example of a CEU Course Overview Sheet- perfect for pitching your CEU to potential audiences.

*IDCEC: Interior Design Continuing Education Council, who administers the CEU process for the North American interior design profession and *AIA: American Institute of Architects who administers the CES program for architects

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