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5 Kitchen Trends That Will Define 2020

Written by Cathy Catozzi

Designing a new kitchen or remodeling your current one? If we can offer one piece of advice, it’s tread lightly with trends. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a trend, only to find that it’s fading out. Thankfully, there are plenty of fresh trends that have definite staying power—here’s a cheat sheet on five of our favorites.

Photo Credit: Meg Cassidy Creative


The classic white kitchen will never go out of style, but designers are now turning to pops of color on cabinets, walls, and ceilings to accentuate the design. Dark, statement-making colors like black or Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue, are finding their way onto cabinets and islands. Also new for 2020, we’re seeing muted natural tones sneaking into the color scheme mix on walls and ceilings. Two-tone cabinet colors have been the rage the past couple of years, but now, designers are trying out three tones in the kitchen, offering a gorgeous layered effect.


Natural wood, reclaimed wood, and raw wood are taking hold in the kitchen, from wood trim adorning oven hoods to ever-popular floating shelves constructed of planking. We especially love a butcher block countertop, an old-is-new-again trend which introduces a sense of richness that marble just can’t compete with furniture shines with the richness of aged wood. All-wood, natural grain cabinets are also making a comeback, but with modern lines and earthy finishes, they’re a far cry from the wood-grain cabinets of yore.


Tile backsplashes are always in fashion, but full stone slabs are the latest and greatest in backsplash design. If you’ve searched for and found the perfect stone or engineered quartz countertop, now just imagine its elegant veining, shimmer and shine displayed in its entirety on a wall. Lacking the busyness of tile and grout, this style has a cleaner, more modern look— and it can have a truly dramatic effect depending on the color veining of your stone and whether or not you bookmatch it.

Island Designs

Every kitchen needs a defined culinary workspace, and today’s kitchen islands are grander than ever. Waterfall edges, where the countertop continues effortlessly down to the floor, are one of our favorite trends—both impressive and beautiful. Double islands are a new delightful trend: When space is no object, try a pair of islands, with one single counter designated for entertaining, meal prep or simply a place to lounge while chatting with the chef. The second island next to it is the workhorse, equipped with a sleekly styled sink for food prep and clean-up.


Larger-than-life lighting takes center stage in the kitchen, especially over the kitchen island. A pair of oversized pendants over the island serves a dual purpose, providing both general lighting for the room and task lighting directly on the work surface. Install a coordinating chandelier over the breakfast nook table or adjacent dining table area and artful wall sconces to light the backsplash. As a final touch, accentuate the ceiling fixtures with exposed beams, a layered medallion, or a sophisticated decorative molding that we guarantee will take your kitchen from so-so to stunning.

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