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21st Century Marketing for the Lighting Business

See Below for Services: Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Writing, Article Writing, Blogging, Social Media, General Copywriting & Editing, Website Content, Email Marketing, SEO Copywriting,


I offer a complete Continuing Education development package. With my CEU package, you’ll get: 

  • A fully written, IDCEC and/or AIA-ready presentation focusing on the interior design subject matter of your choice and covering 4 or more Learning Objectives 

  • A Content Bibliography 

  • A Presenter’s Script 

  • A Course Overview Sheet with a detailed content outline including the breakdown by topics in time segments   

  • Designation (General or HSW)  

And there's more! You'll also get training documents with everything you need to know including: 

  • How to submit your course to IDCEC and/or AIA 

  • How to register your team as IDCEC and/or AIA instructors 

  • How to register a CEU event on the IDCEC and/or AIA website 

  • How to record event attendance 

  • How to award IDCEC and/or AIA credit and Certificates of Completion  


I write articles on interior design topics for Print and Web: magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and more.

See my Work Samples page for examples.


Perhaps you’ve thought about adding a blog but are afraid of the time commitment. I can help create your blogging strategy as well as write informative and engaging content that is relevant to your target audience.

Blog Services:

  • Blog Setup

  • Editorial Calendar Creation

  • Writing & Editing Content for the Blog

  • Marketing your Blog


For your everyday content needs - brochures, catalogs, flyers, postcards, ads etc. whether print or digital, I will create engaging copy or edit your existing collateral materials.


  • Overall collateral piece design

  • Product Descriptions

  • Storytelling

  • CEU Development for IDCEC and AIA

  • Editing


Social Media provides you with the opportunity to connect with real people. You’re engaging with prospects and clients in a two-way – or multi-way – conversation, not just pushing static messages out to them. A successful social media strategy revolves around unique content that can be shared quickly and easily.

Social Media Services:

  • Initial Page Set-up or modify your existing pages

  • Strategy Audit and Creation & Integration with existing marketing campaigns

  • Monthly content management and  curation

  • VIdeo Marketing

  • Advertising: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  & other channels

    • Short-term Event Promotion

    • Coupon or Sale Promotions

    • Brand Awareness​


From your home page to landing pages, to subscription pages…I can help you make these pages work harder.  For example, creating landing pages on your website is a great opportunity to target customers. Instead of running an ad that sends them to your regular website, use landing pages to engage customers and tell them about a particular offer or service.

Website Services:

  • Website Audit

  • Home Pages

  • Information Pages

  • Subscription Page

  • Sales Page

  • Product Descriptions & Brand Stories


When it comes to email marketing, open rates (how many people open the email) and conversion rates (how many of the people took action after opening the email) are what matter most. I can help you tie your emails to your ultimate goals: to engage the reader and get the sale.

Email Services:

  • Stand-Alone Sales Emails

  • Autoresponders

  • E-newsletters

  • Articles

  • Regular E-letters


I will skillfully weave specific keywords into the copy on your web page so that your website shows up in the search engines whenever a user searches for a specific word or phrase. This type of marketing is especially important because search engines don’t charge for organic listings.

SEO Services:

  • Optimizing Existing Copy

  • SEO Copywriting: Original Copy

  • SEO Strategy & Training

  • Build an Editorial Calendar around SEO strategy. 

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