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Some of my work

Take a minute to check out my new "Work" page. I added work samples from Swarovski and Hubbardton Forge, and also a few of my other projects that are non-Lighting. For example, one of my proudest accomplishments was writing a book, Vermont's Marble Industry. This book was derived from a series of historical news articles I wrote from 2009 - 2011, titled "Marble Minutes".

Marble Minutes
This article was written about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which was fabricated in Vermont

My research material for "Marble Minutes" and the book, Vermont's Marble Industry, was taken from the archives of the Vermont Marble Museum, the Proctor Free Library, and memories of local residents.

My book is available on Amazon, and you can also visit the Facebook page for Vermont's Marble Industry. And, I'm happy to say that I am currently working on compiling the "Marble Minutes" essays into its own book, to be self-published on Amazon later this year.

Book Cover Vermont's Marble Industry
My book is available for purchase on Amazon as Kindle or print editions.


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