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7 Common Social Media Goals...and how to decide the best ones for you

We all know the Internet is an interactive medium, but how do you get the conversation to take place around you and your business? A simple way to begin is to define the goals of your social media strategy.

It’s all too easy to say “Let’s start posting on Instagram” (or Facebook, Pinterest…you name it) and dive right in with a few posts that push out a static message, hoping to get a few visitors to your website or store.

But have you defined your goals? What are you trying to gain through using social media?

Here’s list of seven common goals of social media:

1. Drive traffic to your website, blog, article or video

2. Engaging with prospects and customers

3. Positioning yourself, your salespeople, or even your business as an expert

4. Sharing news about products, events, and services

5. Enhancing your customer service

6. Raising brand awareness

7. AND FINALLY…. Increasing Sales!

You may zero in on one of these goals, or all seven may be right for your business. Let’s dive a little deeper into each of the goals and what they should accomplish:

1. Driving traffic: Include a call-to-action, whether it’s a click-through to a landing page to learn more or even a physical coupon that they can print out and bring to your store.

2. Engage: Be interesting! Pay attention to tips and trends, and share them with your followers.

3. Position as an Expert: Answers questions, and be helpful and relevant.

4. Share News: Post about the latest product innovations and where customers can find them (at your location, of course!)

5. Enhance Customer Service: Keep an eye out for trending issues, and address them online before the customer has a chance to question you.

6. Raise Brand Awareness: What is it that makes you unique? Perhaps is the charity your business supports or a unique service you offer.

7. Increasing Sales: Post useful content, consistently. A regular calendar helps your audience find you. Share valuable information…links to interesting content on industry sites, tips and hacks, quotes, images. Mix these in with promotional posts.

And there you have it! Decide upfront what the goals of your social media efforts are, and happy posting.

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