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4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Market Your Business on Facebook

Sometimes it seems like Facebook is taking over the world. How many times a day do you check your Facebook feed? I bet at least a few times. And, guess what? So are your customers.

And this is why will Facebook advertising could work for you, so here are four reasons for you to give it a try.

#1 Facebook has almost 2 BILLION members, worldwide. That’s more than the population of China. Your audience is on Facebook daily, you just need to find them using Facebook targeting (see #3).

#2 With 22 BILLION ad clicks per year, it’s the greatest online advertising opportunity since Search. Which leads us to #3…it’s much cheaper and more target to advertise on Facebook then to use expensive search campaigns.

#3 Facebook ads are inexpensive. You get to pick your budget and length of the ad campaign. And with their amazing targeting options, it’s easy to narrow down to make sure you’re reaching your customers, whether that be by behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations. Then, layer them upon each other to ensure you’re getting rid of any questionable, out-of-market clickers.

#4 Facebook is your 24/7 online salesperson. Every minute of the day, someone, somewhere is on The Book. When you use Facebook ads, you’re there - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year -when they are ready to Learn More or click that Shop Now button.

It’s pretty easy and very inexpensive to advertise on Facebook. You can start by boosting a post, or you can create an entire ad campaign. If you need help getting started, I’m here for you! Contact me for a free consultation.

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